1978-04-22 [Sat] canceled

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Earth Day
Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Keith Godchaux
Donna Jean Godchaux
Mickey Hart
Cancel Reason
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  • cxl; if the article were dated 4/1 it would make more sense. It reached John Hedonist, head of MCABRE. He says it was set, they had the field house for Saturday night, but didn't clear across campus. "It turned out that there was a meeting of the Scottish Dancing Club set for that night, and they were adamant. Naturally, we had to back down." He goes on to say that GD refused to play in front of guys wearing skirts, quoting Garcia "We like freaks as much as the rest, but we draw the line at skirts". Hard to know if there's even a kernel of truth in this, but here it is.
  • ref: "Grateful Dead Passes Away," Middlebury Campus, April 19, 1978, p. 14.
  • Historical
  • The "One Love Peace Concert" is held in Kingston, Jamaica, headlined by Bob Marley, making his first concert appearance since December 1976.
  • Steve Martin performs the original "King Tut" on Saturday Night Live; also this night, The Blues Brothers make their first appearance on the show.