About Us

Welcome to Jerrybase, a database of Jerry Garcia’s musical activities from 1965-1995.

Since the demise of The Jerry Site in 2014, and notwithstanding the awesome text setlists supplied by GDsets.com, we have wanted a site that would allow more playing around with data about Jerry Garcia's musical life. We began with his "side projects" outside the Grateful Dead (GD). "JGMF" has generated these data, and the site serves as a data companion to his blog, Jerry Garcia's Middle Finger, and his book-in-progress, Fate Music. Please send along any corrections, deletions, amendments, recollections, or other information about Garcia's side projects to him at jgmfblog@gmail.com.

Justin Mason supplies and maintains the Grateful Dead data. Over the last 10 years, Justin has worked to build an SQL database of updated and corrected Grateful Dead set lists. He used the available recordings found on archive.org, and collaborated with Grateful Dead experts like Corry Arnold as well as leveraging the information on circulating recordings from etree, in his Listen To The Music Play book project . Any corrections or questions about the Grateful Dead set lists can be sent to justin@gratefuldeadbook.com.

m0thra is responsible for the technical stuff. Please send him feedback, bug reports, feature requests, or other comments to admin@jerrybase.com.

Beyond the principals, the site reflects the passion, hard work and dedication of countless researchers over many years. Please visit the links page to go direct to the source for those whose work remains online, and always keep a thought out for the intrepid folks who began keeping setlists and chronicling the scene in the pre-internet age. We stand on the shoulders of all of them, and all of you who contribute.

We will continue to improve and develop this labor of love. Please be in touch!