1971-04-24 [Sat]

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John Dawson - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
David Nelson - electric guitar (lead), vocals
David Torbert - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead
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  • Attendance and capacity from Corry's unpublished NRPS document. McNally (2002, 397) says there were 7k in the house. Ric Carter took some awesome photographs.
  • JGMF: 'Can't You All See How Beautiful This Is?'
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    Wind Speed: 21.9 mph
    Humidity: 64.8 %
    Moonphase: 0.0
    Partly cloudy throughout the day.
    Ticket Price
    $6.00 / $7.00
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