1971-04-10 [Sat]

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John Dawson - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
David Nelson - electric guitar (lead), vocals
David Torbert - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Down In The Boondocks John Dawson 3 2
Honky Tonk Women John Dawson 3 1
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead
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  • expost: Gerald Levy, "SUB Denies Oversell," Sunday News (Lancaster, PA), April 18, 1971, p. 14. Student Union Board president denies that they oversold the gig: 3,800 official tickets were printed for the 3,866 capacity. It was overcrowded because professionally-done counterfeit tickets were also printed.
  • Archive.org reviewer WaltW: "The gig was in a small auditorium which could have once been a church. There were two, large double-doors, that came to a rounded top, at one end, and they were the only visible entrance to the room. Inside there was a large middle section with an aisle coming right down the middle and two aisles on the sides and then low bleacher seats along the side walls. When we arrived, we discovered this concert was actually F&M's Senior Prom! All the center seats were for the seniors and their dates who began filling them up. Guys in cheap tuxes and women in poofy gowns with corsages and their hair done up. The room probably held only 300 people--and 240 of them were prom people. Junior Class guys played the role of 'monitors'. They had cocoa-brown sport jackets and wore armbands (I guess to distinguish themselves in case the rest of us wore cocoa-brown sport jackets)."
  • preview: "Grateful Dead Perform in Mayser on April 10," Franklin & Marshall College Reporter, April 2, 1971, p. 1.
  • review: Weiner, Jimi. 1971b;
  • review: [positive] Eicher 1971: supplies the NRPS tunes we list.
  • gratefulseconds: More College Madness: Franklin & Marshall April 1...
  • deadsources: April 10, 1971: F&M College, Lancaster, PA
  • deadsources: April 10, 1971: Mayser Gym, Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, PA
  • Historical
  • Ping-pong diplomacy: In an attempt to thaw relations with the United States, China hosts the U.S. table tennis team for a week-long visit.
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