1970-05-03 [Sun]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
David Torbert - electric bass
David Nelson - electric guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
Guest Musicians
Bill Kreutzmann (partial show) - drums

[1] with Bill Kreutzmann on drums
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Workin' Man Blues
  • with Bill Kreutzmann on drums
  • John Dawson 1 1
    I Don't Know You John Dawson 6 1
    Last Lonely Eagle John Dawson 2 1
    Truck Drivin' Man John Dawson 1 4
    Fair Chance To Know John Dawson 3 1
    Also Appearing
    Grateful Dead, Tres Hombres, Swamp Grass, Bone, Tiger Trod, and Tuna Fish
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  • In 2020, video emerged, showing that Kreutzmaann subbed in for a late Hart at least on Workin' Man Blues, with Hart in the seat for Last Lonely Eagle and Truck Drivin' Man.
  • The show was free, and did not take place in the Fieldhouse, but on Foss Hill (per Deadessays blog). According to DeadEssays blog Other local bands also played, which may have included Randy Burns & the Morning After, Bone, Joy, the Nighthawks, Trod Tiger & the Tunafish, and possibly Charisma.
  • review: "Youths Converge on Campus for Program of Rock Music," Hartford Courant, May 4, 1970, p. 24F. Not so much a review of 5/3/70, as a missive to soothe the nervous townies. Writer puts "Rock Music" in scarequotes, and doesn’t like the looks of those "gaudily painted" "unshorn and unshaved" youths over there. 2,500 kids descended on Observatory Hill, overlooking Ardus Field. The GD show had been announced at the Yale protests –remember this is a period of student unrest, reaching its apotheosis the next day at Kent State-- and the Hartford cops were mobilized and out in force, apparently to a man. "The Grateful Dead, a well-known combo well-liked by the younger set, were late in arriving." GD thought they went from 8pm-1am, organizer thought they’d be there at 2 p.m. Property owners and Burghers could rest assured that, as the kids all left at the end of the day, "the police were there, just in case".
  • deadessays: May 3, 1970: Wesleyan University
  • deadessays: Deadbase Corrections
  • Most of these shows were billed as "An Evening With The Grateful Dead". The standard architecture was Acoustic GD, then New Riders, then Electric GD (sometimes two sets). For more, see JGMF, An Evening With the Gratetul Dead
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