1978-10-03 [Tue]

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Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
Tony Saunders - electric bass
Larry Vann - drums
Tom Johnston - electric guitar
Gail Muldrow - vocals
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar

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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Another Star Instrumental
Do I Move You Merl Saunders
Come Together Gail Muldrow
Walkin' Down The Road Gail Muldrow
So What? Instrumental
World Is A Ghetto Instrumental
Expressway (To Your Heart) Gail Muldrow
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  • Shady Grove closing night, per DB.
  • expost: Selvin 19781015: "Selvin: In his first performance on Haight Street in more than ten years, Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia joined John Kahn and Friends recently at the Shady Grove, in a benefit for the financially ailing club."
  • Nick wrote some words around this on a password-required site: Nick: "Jerry sitting in with Merl’s band, their first onstage reunion since breaking up Legion of Mary. It’s like an alternate reality version of Reconstruction, slimmed down and much more jammed out. Merl’s band has another guitarist, but Jer is all over this, even the stuff that must have been pretty new to him. Another Star and Do I Move You became Reconstruction tunes, but most of this stuff is pretty unique: disco versions of Come Together and The World is a Ghetto (lifted from George Benson’s version), a mystery hippie-rock tune Walkin’ Down the Road (reminds me of those Sarah Fulcher originals from 73, actually), a random but very cool So What (a month before the one surprise JGB version on 11/3/78!), and then a really fast but really hot Expressway to Your Heart which is just bananas."
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