1978-06-17 [Sat]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Buzz Buchanan - drums
Keith Godchaux - keyboards, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Maria Muldaur - vocals
Average Song Gap
Set 1
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Love In The Afternoon Jerry Garcia 1 2
I Second That Emotion Jerry Garcia 3 3
Simple Twist Of Fate Jerry Garcia 2 2
Mission In The Rain Jerry Garcia 2 1
Mystery Train Jerry Garcia 2 1
Set 2
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Harder They Come Jerry Garcia 2 2
Russian Lullaby Jerry Garcia 2 8
Tore Up Over You Jerry Garcia 1 1
Gomorrah Jerry Garcia 1 1
I'll Be With Thee Donna Jean Godchaux 2 1
Midnight Moonlight Jerry Garcia 1 1
Rhapsody In Red Jerry Garcia 1 1
Also Appearing
Steve Hayton
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  • Historically listed among Garcia people as Keystone Berkeley, but it's definitely Keystone Palo Alto. Slip: "In a one-off, Jerry plays an Ibanez MC500/SP Tree Of Life 1977 electric guitar." "Rhapsody In Red" historically given as the encore, but that seems not to be correct.
  • listing: BAM, June 16, 1978, p. 10
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