1975-10-10 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Nicky Hopkins - piano, vocals
Ron Tutt - drums, vocals
Average Song Gap
Set 1
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Let It Rock Jerry Garcia 3 1
All By Myself Jerry Garcia 1 1
Mississippi Moon Jerry Garcia 2 2
Tough Mama Jerry Garcia 1 2
Pig's Boogie Instrumental 2 1
Sitting In Limbo Jerry Garcia 5 5
Mystery Train Jerry Garcia 1 1
Set 2
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
(I'm A) Road Runner Jerry Garcia 2 1
Money Honey Jerry Garcia 2 2
I'll Take A Melody Jerry Garcia 1 2
Lady Sleeps > Instrumental 1 1
No Time Nicky Hopkins 1 1
Tore Up Over You
  • First known performance (by JGB) last known performance 1975-07-05 by LOM
  • Jerry Garcia first 1
    Mission In The Rain Jerry Garcia 1 1
    Edward Instrumental 1 1
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  • An expost report says that after Garcia, acts drawing "undesirable audiences", who damaged seats and carpets, swung from balcony railings, and the like would be limited.
  • Sue: $2500 guarantee plus 60% of gross over $9500. The box office numbers are a little confusing. There's a handwritten thing, then a computer printout. I use the latter. They would have gotten another $920 on the numbers I am using, beyond the 2500 guarantee. Contract signed by Rollie Grogan, 4244 Ponce Street, Palo Alto, CA, 94306, and by John Kahn at P.O. Box 66, Stinson Beach, CA, 94970.
  • reviews: [negative] Dickinson 1975: Band came on 45 minutes late, took a 45 minute break, and the pacing was too languid. [negative] Stava 1975: "show marred by an extremely long break and an extremely short performance". Garcia's "guitar work was singularly dull to the point of being amateurish at times." No encore pissed off the crowd, too. Band and crew were "classless and even haughty" in dealings with local media. [negative] Peterson 1975: JGB "tried to lull the audience to sleep", but ASFC made $870 and was happy.
  • listing: Foothill Sentinel, October 10, 1975, p. 8
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    8:30 PM
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