1975-06-08 [Sun]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Martin Fierro - saxophone, flute
Guest Musicians
unidentified-19750608-01-Black-not-Humphrey (complete show) - drums

[1] First known performance (by JGMS) last known performance 1975-05-21 by LOM
[2] Merl plays the melody of "She's Not There" before.
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Harder They Come Jerry Garcia 2 2
I Feel Like Dynamite Merl Saunders 1 3
Last Train From Poor Valley
  • First known performance (by JGMS) last known performance 1975-05-21 by LOM
  • Jerry Garcia first 4
    Tore Up Over You Jerry Garcia 2 3
    Little Sunflower
  • Merl plays the melody of "She's Not There" before.
  • Instrumental 1 2
    Mystery Train Jerry Garcia 1 3
    Benefit for the Institute for the Study of Nonviolence
    Also Appearing
    Kingfish and Rowan Brothers
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  • Ronnie Tutt was in the light blue suit, havin' a look around in Jackson, MS with Elvis. This event historically listed Paul Humphrey drumming, but that seems incorrect. Dr. Michael Parrish at one point confirmed that (post to gdvault, 12/24/2010), but later clarified later said "Although an African-American drummer played with Jerry and Merl at the El Camino Park show 6/7 [sic]/75, I am almost sure it was not Humphrey." Parris is an exceptionally reliable witness, and we update heavily on this basis. No drummer appears on the contract. We presume that the drummer would be from Merl and Tony's karass. We don't yet have a view as to whether some of these unknown June '75 drummers are the same or different guys.
  • Andrew Bernstein, on Facebook, indicates he was the promoter: "This was the last show [Rollie Grogan] and I did together in Palo Alto. Jake did the poster, it was a great day except Bobby's windshield got broken on his new BMW." Band guarantee $3,000 plus 30% on gross over $17,500, with GP of $30,000. Beneficiary was Institute for the Study of Non-Violence.
  • Billed on handbill as "Merl Saunders & Jerry Garcia". The contract is one of the artifacts that clearly reveals how carefully the band names were treated during this period when Legion of Mary and JGMS were both in the mix, with "Legion of Mary" whited or crossed out in a few places, and "Merl and Jerry" overwritten.
  • announce: "A Day in the Park," Palo Alto Times, June 4, 1975, p. 13
  • preview: "Rock benefit in Palo Alto park," San Francisco Examiner, June 4, 1975, p. 39
  • listing: Berkeley Barb, June 6-12, 1975, p. 14
  • review: [positive] Roach 1975. "Garcia and Saunders provided the best music of the day." Says it was a six-piece band, which is ... puzzling.
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    1:00 PM
    Ticket Price
    $3.00 / $4.00