1975-06-06 [Fri]

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Ned Lagin - keyboards, synthesizers, computers
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - guitar
David Crosby - guitar
Mickey Hart - percussion
Phil Lesh - bass

Set 1:
Lilith , Seastones

Set 2:

Set 1
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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Lilith Instrumental
Seastones Instrumental
Set 2
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Space Instrumental
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  • Handbill: "Ned Lagin, Phil Lesh and Friends -- A Concert of New Live Electronic Music -- *Seastones, Lilith and other works". For the asterisk on Seastones, there's a handwritten note that reads "This album has provided strong biophysical, electromagnetic, psychochemical reactions in both living & nonliving matter."
  • ref: Steve Brown Papers: Calendar, 1974-1976, Grateful Dead Archive, Special Collections, UC Santa Cruz, MS.338, box 1, folder 4.
  • preview: "Rock Billboard: Phil Lesh to Strum at Dominican," Marin Independent-Journal, June 6, 1975, p. 22
  • reviews: Perry 1975, Snyder 1975
  • NedBase: Annotated Nedbase 1970 - 1975
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