1973-11-06 [Tue] studio

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David Grisman - mandolin
Jerry Garcia - banjo
John Kahn - acoustic bass
Peter Rowan - acoustic guitar, vocals
Vassar Clements - fiddle
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Vassar's Tune Instrumental
Old And In The Way
Land Of The Navajo Peter Rowan
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  • "Vassar's Tune" is from the paperwork. It is likely to be "Kissimee [sic] Kid" or "Lonesome Fiddle Blues" --played two nights before-- or something else. Also note there was a song with words called "Old And In The Way" and an instrumental "Old And In The Way Breakdown". A studio track of the sung version, likely from these sessions, has emerged, so we think that's what this is.
  • There were plans or discussions for studio work early on in OAITW's tenure, but Peter Rowan told JGMF that that was goofing around at Mickey's, nothing like an album session. (He reports that they did a KILLER a capella version of 'O Death'.) JGMF has always assumed that these November sessions were sweetening for the live record, but Jesse Jarnow may not agree with that. There is one datum that supports these being actual studio takes. Jerry's worktapes included live material from 9/30/73 ("Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"), and 10/6/73 ("Lost", "Fields Have Turned Brown", "That High Lonesome Sound", "Wild Horses", "Drifting Too Far From The Shore"). But there was one studio track: "Old And In The Way". That could well have been from these sessions (on 11/6). It's a complete take, full instrumentation (though Jerry only picks the banjo, does not sing).
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