1972-01-23 [Sun]

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Howard Wales - keyboards
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Roger "Jellyroll" Troy - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Love - drums
Jim Vincent - electric guitar
Also Appearing
Mahavishnu Orchestra
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  • JGMF: HWJG: Quick Questions on the January '72 East Coast Tour
  • preview: "Villanova Concert," Philadelphia Daily News, January 14, 1972, p. unk
  • ad: Philadelphia Inquirer, Sun., January 16, 1972, p. 5-G
  • listing: Highacres Collegian, January 17, 1972, p. 3
  • listing: Philadelphia Daily News, January 21, 1972, p. 10F
  • preview: Philadelphia Inquirer, January 21, 1972, p. unk
  • review: [negative] "When Garcia Came," Villanovan, February 9, 1972, p. 7: "Garcia turned out to be the promotional man for a standard rock group boasting a singer-bassist, who did an imitation of David Clayton-Thomas, and an organist, who resembled a Beatrix Potter rodent illustration." OUCH. No wonder the review was unsigned!
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