1971-08-07 [Sat]

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John Dawson - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
David Nelson - electric guitar (lead), vocals
David Torbert - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Down In The Boondocks John Dawson 1 1
Lodi John Dawson 2 5
The Weight John Dawson 1 1
Honky Tonk Women John Dawson 1 2
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead
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  • LIA posts a preview and two reviews. The NRPS setlist information comes from a fragmentary negative review, posted chez LIA, by Joe Cromwell of the San Diego Evening Tribune. Fill in the missing blank from the review: "If the Grateful Dead were bad --and they were-- the New Riders _________________".
  • deadsources: August 7, 1971: Convention Hall, San Diego
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    8:00 PM
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