1971-02-27 [Sat]

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Brian Good - guitar
Bruce Good - autoharp
James Ackroyd - guitar
Brian Hilton - drums
Mike McMasters - bass
Larry Good - banjo
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - banjo
Jack Casady - acoustic bass
Spencer Dryden - drums

Also Appearing
New Riders of the Purple Sage and Boz Scaggs
Little Princess
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  • ref: Staska and Mangrum 19710304;
  • Placeholder date, as the March 4th Staska-Mangrum piece only references "last weekend"
  • lostlivedead: February 27, 1971 Fillmore West: James and the Good Brothers with Jerry Garcia and Jack Casady
  • preview: Staska and Mangrum 19710225
  • Historical
  • Janis Joplin's album Pearl hit No. 1 in the U.S., where it stayed for nine weeks. Joplin died three months before the album was released.
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