1970-09-08 [Tue] studio

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Jorma Kaukonen - electric guitar
Jack Casady - electric bass
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Phil Lesh - electric bass
Neil Young - electric guitar
David Crosby - electric guitar
Jam , Cowboy Movie [1]

[1] Released on Voyage
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Jam Instrumental
Cowboy Movie
  • Released on Voyage
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  • Circulating PERRO tapes identify the jam with Jerry, Jorma, Jack and Billy. An iconic Jim Marshall photograph shows Jerry, Croz and Neil in semicircle, Lesh farther behind, digging in to "Cowboy Movie". Thanks to Steve Silberman for information.
  • Notes from the Voyager disc 1 liner notes: "Recorded by Stephen Barncard, assisted by Ellen Burke, at Wally Heider Recording, Studio C, San Francisco, September 8,1970. Basic track is Take 4."
  • Historical
  • Garcia's mother Ruth survives a horrific car crash, but would die from her injuries three weeks later.
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