1970-09-07 [Mon]

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Labor Day
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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
John Kahn - electric bass
Bill Vitt - drums
Howard Wales (?) - keyboards
Guest Musicians
Martin Fierro (complete show)

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  • listings San Francisco Chronicle, September 7, 1970, p. 41, billing "Jerry Garcia & Friends".
  • ad: Good Times v.3 n.35 (September 4, 1970), p. 16, billing "Jerry Garcia and Friends"
  • In "When Did Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders First Play Together?", JGMF concluded that this was the first show with Merl Saunders (thus listing as debut of JGMS). In the early 2020s, evidence that Martin Fierro played on this date emerged, suggesting his old El Paso pal Howard Wales was actually still in the house., because as far as we knew Martin didn't share stage with Jerry until 7/19/73 JGMS 7/19/73 . But the official release of JGMS 5/20/71 with Martin pushed his timeline back close enough to this date that, again we wonder. Was this HWJG with Martin, or was this JGMS (debut gig, first time playing live with Merl) with Martin along? Note We ARE reasonably sure that Merl is in the house by 10/13/70.
  • Historical
  • Garcia's first known performance with Martin Fierro
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