1970-06-28 [Sun]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
David Torbert - electric bass
David Nelson - electric guitar
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead, James & the Good Brothers, January, The People's Revolutionary Concert Band, Si Potma, and P.M. Howard
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  • LIA has helped us figure out Garcia's Festival Express musical enagements. Re NRPS, he concludes that they played the Park one day (he surmises this date, 6/28) and the main stage on 6/27 and 7/4.
  • expost: Hartley, Norman. 1970. Volunteers treat 650 drug trippers," Globe and Mail (Toronto), June 29, 1970, p. 15.
  • "Jerry Garcia of the GD and Metro Police Inspector Walter Magahay where instrumental in getting the free concert set up" (bashed heads and bad trips article). Dalton and Cott 1970 say there were free gigs the first and second days in Toronto.
  • deadessays: The Festival Express Guide
  • Dalton and Cott 1970 say there were free gigs the first and second days in Toronto.
  • deadsources: June/July 1970: The Festival Express
  • deadsources: June/July 1970: Festival Express in the news
  • deadsources: June 27-28, 1970: CNE Stadium, Toronto (Festival E...
  • deadsources: June 27-28, 1970: Festival Express, Toronto
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  • expost: "Festival Express: bashed heads and bad trips," Globe and Mail (Toronto), June 29, 1970, p. 15;
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