1976-08-16 [Mon] studio

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John Kahn - electric bass
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Keith Godchaux - piano
Ron Tutt - drums
Ride Mighty High

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Ride Mighty High
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  • 8/16/76 session at His Masters Wheels, 7 pm to 10 pm. Must have been earlier in the day if it did happen, because the band played Keystone Berkeley this night. Three hours of studio time, paid for by Round Records, what has to be one of its last transactions. Kahn 55 Loring, Mill Valley. Garcia and Godchaux give 20 Front Street San Rafael, Tutt at 8383 Wilshire, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211. John Kahn session leader. Song: “Ride Mighty High”. $220 for Kahn, $110 for the other three guys. At one point we had thought the "Mighty High" bonus track on the Don't Let Go release came from this session, but apparently it comes from 9/11/76.
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    7:00 PM