1976-04-04 [Sun] Late

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Ron Tutt - drums, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Sugaree Jerry Garcia 2 1
Sitting In Limbo Jerry Garcia 2 3
Mystery Train Jerry Garcia 4 1
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Jerry Garcia 5 1
Harder They Come Jerry Garcia 3 1
A Strange Man Donna Jean Godchaux 2 2
Friend Of The Devil Jerry Garcia 2 1
Don't Let Go > Jerry Garcia 2 1
My Sisters And Brothers Jerry Garcia 4 3
Also Appearing
Uncle Vinty
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  • JGMF: 'Beneficent, Raptured': JGB 4/4/76 Page Auditorium
  • review: [positive] McManus 1976; McManus: "It was minutes before one o'clock on Monday morning when a filtered mist of white and blue light emptied onto the stage, where green monitors and yellow dots of light indicated that the show was tuned up, gassed, and ready to take off. A stubby man, his face shrouded with black, curly hair, straps on his specifically-made Doug Irwin-Alembic guitar, loiters in the electric silence for a moment, then steps into the light as he strums a beautiful introductory chord. The stage lights have found the rest of the band as the anxious crowd [illegible] a roar of anticipation and approval, and suddenly it's Jerry Garcia and Friends, lilting into a sexy 'Sugaree'." Describes Garcia's gaze as "beneficent, raptured". He continues: "Garcia has a habit of gathering his enthralled audience within a web of gestures, emotions, spiralling guitar work and plaintive vocals that is nearly impossible to resist". NB gestures? In later years, he'd barely move. McManus loves "Duke's tasty little Page Auditorium, a room whose intimacy is inadvertently masked by the pretense of the surrounding architecture". On the tape, the room does sound good. Donna Jean's "harmonies with Garcia, particularly on Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door', were sweet, sensual pieces that elevated, reassured, and satisfied." "Smooth, smile-inspiring warmth".
  • ref: "Duke Cable Television's Channel 13 presents for Finals Week," Chronicle (Duke University), April 23, 1976, p. 16, revealing that this midnight show was narrowcast over the campus's closed-circuit cable network during finals week, on 4/29/76.
  • lostlivedead: April 4, 1976 Page Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC: Jerry Garcia Band (discussion on video of show in comments)
  • Promoter DUU Attractions, but John Scher is on the contract. Wage for the two shows: $5,000 plus 60% over $17,000. Weather fair. Neither show a sellout, 41 and 388 deadwood, respectively. Early notes show the shows being planned for Love Auditorium at Davidson College. If anyone knows Russell Cushigian, who was assistant director of student activities at Davidson at the time, we'd love to know why that didn't happen.
  • ad: Chronicle (Duke University), March 17, 1976, p. 14
  • ad: Daily Tar Heel, April 1, 1976, p. unk
  • listing: "This week on campus, April 4-10, 1976," campus newspaper xxx, p. 3;
  • listing: North Carolina Anvil, April 3, 1976, p. 10
  • review: [mixed] Atwood 1976. He thought it was too mellow, languid, "like a southern summer afternoon".
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