1976-03-05 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Ron Tutt - drums, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Average Song Gap
Set 1
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
I Second That Emotion Jerry Garcia 2 6
They Love Each Other Jerry Garcia 2 1
Mission In The Rain Jerry Garcia 6 2
Sitting In Limbo Jerry Garcia 1 4
After Midnight Jerry Garcia 1 1
Who Was John? Jerry Garcia 2 1
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Jerry Garcia 10 1
Set 2
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Jerry Garcia 1 1
Friend Of The Devil Jerry Garcia 1 1
Harder They Come Jerry Garcia 2 1
Knockin' On Heaven's Door Jerry Garcia 1 3
Tore Up Over You Jerry Garcia 2 1
Moonlight Mile Jerry Garcia 1 1
A Strange Man Donna Jean Godchaux 1 1
The Way You Do The Things You Do Jerry Garcia 1 4
My Sisters And Brothers Jerry Garcia 1 1
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  • Promoted by Paul Gongaware, who is now a big time Hollywood producer, for Concerts West. Capacity from band itinerary. Sue: band $5,000 guarantee plus $1,500 lights and sound, gross potential $15,900 . Seems like they could have gotten more. I wonder if the unusual arrangement here, with no percentage but an extra $1,500 cash, relates to the $1,500 that Chuck and Sue Kesey got for the previous gig? As if this whole little NW jaunt was to raise some money for the Creamery? NB also that the contract language changes, and they start asking for the balance of the money at intermission. I wonder if they got burned, or if there's nothing in particular signified here?
  • review: [negative] Wendeborn 1976; laments the slow tempos: "interlude music", "dulling effect", "downer vibes", "draggy"; "There's certainly nothing wrong with playing any tune at slow tempo, but so many in a row just fogged up the senses".
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