1975-10-08 [Wed] Late

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Nicky Hopkins - piano, vocals
Ron Tutt - drums, vocals
Guest Musicians
Tim Henson (complete show) - keyboards

Old Man River [1]
[1] First known performance
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Mission In The Rain
  • First known performance
  • Jerry Garcia first 1
    All By Myself Jerry Garcia 2 1
    Tough Mama Jerry Garcia 2 1
    Lady Sleeps > Instrumental 2 1
    No Time Nicky Hopkins 2 1
    Mystery Train Jerry Garcia 4 1
    I'll Take A Melody Jerry Garcia 2 1
    Edward Instrumental 2 1
    Gap Analysis
    Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
    Old Man River
  • First known performance
  • Instrumental first 19
    Also Appearing
    Doug Haywood & Jeff Gilkinson
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  • review: [positive] Lawshe 1975;
  • Reviewer says second show was "overflow", so code as sellout. Setlist details: opened with Money Honey, a Garcia original, a soul blues number, TWLWMYD, slow number with an extended Nicky piano-vocal intro -> Nicky original, All By Myself, another basic 1-4-5 blues tune, HSII, Sugaree, hot jamming tune; encore: Old Man River. This description does not line up at all with the setlists here, which derive from I-don't-know-where.
  • Sue: JGB guarantee $5,000 plus 60% of gross over $16,000. Doug Haywood got $300. I am a little confused on the attendance numbers and such. AFM contract says two shows, 1450 tickets at $5 per show. So I think there were two shows. Cinematreasures site put the capacity at 780, but that's clearly not right for this event. Tix and gross are from both shows, divided by two.
  • caption: Good Times, October 2, 1975, p. 3
  • listing: Good Times, October 2, 1975, p. 8
  • ad: Good Times, October 2, 1975, p. 9
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  • JGMF: Accounting the JGB
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    10:30 PM
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