1975-07-24 [Thu]

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Merl Saunders - keyboards
Tony Saunders - electric bass
Martin Fierro - saxophone
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar

Also Appearing
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  • Per Kurt Huget, house take was $428.
  • listing: San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 1975, p. 47
  • Selvin 19750720 has the whole schedule. Chronicle listing supplies 7/23 and 7/24. Listing in Fremont Argus and an I-J item, from the next day both provide 7/25 and following.
  • JGBP comment to JGMF "This from "cabdriver' in the Jerry folder at Deadnetcentral: "This Lion's Share gig (their closing week) was the first week of July, 1975.(week not correct) The Garcia-Saunders Band played two nights; the last night featured Elvin Bishop and John Lee Hooker. Along with Hooker doing his patented take-no-prisoners thing, Bishop and a couple other guitar players pulled of a sublime version of "East-West" in the closing set." I'm still trying to find the exact closing date for the Lion's Share, it was some time in 1975. I saw/heard Garcia & Saunders play on two consecutive nights there, during closing week. There were not very many people there, that's the funny part. And I can't find any reference to them doing those gigs anywhere. But it did really happen!"
  • ref: Selvin 19750720
  • listing: Fremont Argus, July 25, 1975, p. 38
  • JGMF: Dating the Legion’s Demise: A Revisionist Account
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