1975-05-30 [Fri]

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Zakir Hussain - tabla
Mickey Hart - drums
Jordan Aramantha - congas
Jim Loveless - marimbas
Ray Spiegel - vibes
Arshad Syad - duggi
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia
David Freiberg - electric bass
unidentified-19750530-01 - percussion

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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Sweet Sixteen Instrumental
Fire On The Mountain Jerry Garcia
Also Appearing
Jefferson Starship and Sons of Champlin
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  • lostlivedead: May 30 1975, Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park: Jefferson Starship/Diga Rhythm Band (Jerry and Owsley Fin De Seicle?)
  • Corry has an amazing writeup of this show. Among other things, he suggests it might be the last time Owsley mixed Jerry live.
  • "Fire On The Mountain" is a title typically associated with the GD, while Diga's instrumental version was known (and put on record) as "Happiness Is Drumming". But Nick notes in correspondence that the tune is introduced as FOTM, so we use it here.
  • The unidentified percussionists were probably a number of folks.
  • review: Wasserman 1975;
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