1975-05-09 [Fri]

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Merl Saunders - keyboards
Martin Fierro - saxophone
Tony Saunders - electric bass
Bob Stellar - drums
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia

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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
When I Die Instrumental
Little Bit Of Righteousness Instrumental
Little Sunflower Instrumental
Wondering Why Merl Saunders
Nica's Dream Instrumental
Love Having You Around Instrumental
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  • Examiner bills "Merl Saunders with Aunt Monk and Friends" for the 9th and the 10th. We assign Bob Stellar as drummer, though this is not at present certain.
  • mention: San Francisco Examiner, May 9, 1975, p. 35;
  • JGMF: Odes to Joy: Aunt Monk at the Generosity, May 9, 1975
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