1975-03-14 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
Merl Saunders - keyboards, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Martin Fierro - saxophone, flute
Ron Tutt - drums
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  • Sue: $1,590.30 total to band, of which $250 went to sound.
  • slip: "Gil Draper walked from his store, with the Travis Bean guitar, to Sophie's, where he knew Jerry was performing that night. He shows Jerry the guitar during soundcheck and Jerry says no. The drummer, Ron Tutt, says, "Robben Ford plays one". The next day Jerry was at the store to buy it [24]". That via JGBP, and note 24 source also given here.
  • mention: San Francisco Foghorn, March 14, 1975, p. 8. This campus paper of the very Jesuit USF editorializes "yes, that's the Legion of Mary".
  • JGMF: Catholics listing the Legion
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