1975-02-01 [Sat] studio

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Bill Cutler - electric guitar
Scotty Quik - electric guitar
Austin deLone - keyboards
Pat Campbell - bass
Carl Tassi - drums
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar

Partial Session:
Judah Street Jam

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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Judah Street Jam Instrumental
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  • Via youtube: "Recorded during preproduction rehearsals at Jim Renny's 8-track recording studio. The next day this band went into tracking sessions at Wally Heider's to record songs that wouldn't see release until Bill Cutler's Crossing The Line album in 2008. This track originates from Bill Cutler's guest appearance on the Grateful Dead Hour radio show No. 275, broadcast on December 27, 1993." Note that all of these tracks first appeared -- and we believe Cutler was live in studio with David Gans -- on the Dead to the World radio show, November 16, 1993.
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