1975-01-27 [Mon] studio

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Frank Wakefield - mandolin
David Nelson - guitar
Don Reno - banjo
Chubby Wise - fiddle
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - banjo

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  • The songs we list here come from the start of the session. Many had multiple takes. We don't know how much, if at all, Garcia actually played vs. just doing his work as producer.
  • Brown (1986, 26): "The Good Old Boys sessions at Mickey's studio were a special time for all concerned, as Garcia had a chance to produce artists he had long admired: Don Reno (banjo), Chubby Wise (fiddle), Frank Wakefield (mandolin) and David Nelson (guitar). Two [sic] days of pure bluegrass heaven for all of us, but especially for Garcia. Lotsa laugh in' 'n' apickin'. It was a good ol' time."
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