1974-05-25 [Sat]

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David Grisman - mandolin
Richard Greene - fiddle
Jerry Garcia - banjo
David Nichtern - acoustic guitar, vocals
Buell Neidlinger - acoustic bass
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead and Maria Muldaur
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  • Pacific Presentations production. A tape was made, we think by Rob Bertrando, but it was confiscated or lost and to this date no other recording is known to exist - nothing circulates.
  • listing: Santa Barbara News and Review, May 24, 1974, p. 12
  • ad: Santa Barbara News-Press, May 24, 1974, p. 24, billing "Great American String Band featuring Richard Greene and Jerry Garcia".
  • review: [positive] Westfall 1974; he notes to our amusement (sort of an inside joke here at the Institute) that the first band was billed as Great American Music Band but announced as Great American String Band. We sometimes acronymize as GA_B as a result. The band featured none other than Cecil Taylor and Archie Shepp collaborator, the great Buell Neidlinger, apparently at this time teaching at Cal Arts in Valencia, on bass.
  • review: [positive] Sherwood 1974
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    11:00 AM
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