1974-03-17 [Sun] studio

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St. Patrick's Day
Robert Neumann
C. Terry Harrington
Julian E. Byrne
Thomas Roy Peterson
John James Mitchell
Mike Price - trumpet
Ardell B. Hake
Donald Duane Dennis
Jerry Garcia
Guest Musicians
Saitt B. Woodman (complete show)
Mark J. Levine (complete show)
Morris E. Repass (complete show)

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  • Compliments session led by Robert Neumann to work on "Without Love". Personnel: Roger Neumann, C. Terry Harrington, Julian E. Byrne, Thomas Roy Peterson, John James Mitchell, Mike Price, Ardell. B. Hake, Donald Duane Dennis, Saitt B. Woodman, Mark J. Levine, Morris E. Repass. Not certain if Jerry is present - might be doubted, since he is not on the paperwork.
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