1974-02-27 [Wed] studio

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John Kahn - electric bass
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Merl Saunders - keyboards
Ron Tutt - drums
Larry Carlton - electric guitar
Michael Omartian - keyboards
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  • Two sessions this date, 11-2 and 2-5, with Kahn designated as leader. We group the tunes known to have been done this date with this earlier session.
  • Tracking sheets in the GD Archives ("Business: Garcia - Track Sheets - production - RX-102," Grateful Dead Archive, Special Collections, University of California Santa Cruz, MS.332.Ser. 2, box 17, folder 13) correspond to session reels 19-22. Reel 19 holds five takes of TWLWMYD, reel 20 holds ten takes of "Midnight Town", reel 21 has four takes of "He Ain't Give You None" and six of "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game", they keep at it, like the fox that preys on the rabbit, for one more take on reel 22, and then tackle five takes of "I Saw Her Standing There" on this date.
  • ref: "Business: Legal: GDR/RR contracts," Grateful Dead Archive, Special Collections, UC Santa Cruz, MS.332.ser. 2, box 132, folder 5.
  • ref: "Steve Brown Papers: Round Records Releases", Steve Brown Papers, Special Collections, UC Santa Cruz, MS.338, box 2, folder 3.
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