1974-02-02 [Sat]

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Groundhog Day
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John Dawson
David Nelson
David Torbert
Buddy Cage
Spencer Dryden - drums
Guest Musicians
Jerry Garcia - guitar

Set 2
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy last
Truck Drivin' Man John Dawson last
Glendale Train John Dawson last
You Should Have Seen Me Running last
Crooked Judge last
Louisiana Lady John Dawson last
Take A Letter Maria last
On The Amazon last
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  • Garcia sits in on guitar, set II
  • mention: Kathie Staska and George Mangrum, Rock Talk by KG: Rankin to put stage feeling on record, Hayward Daily Review, February 1, 1974, p. 42;
  • review: Kathie Staska and George Mangrum, Rock Talk by KG: Phillips wins Moody Crowd, Hayward Daily Review, February 8, 1974, p. 42.
  • lostlivedead: February 2, 1974, Keystone Berkeley: New Riders of The Purple Sage with Jerry Garcia (Home, Home On The Road)
  • nrpsmusic.com has the entire setlist
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