1974-01-12 [Sat] studio

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Merl Saunders - clavinet, organ
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar, vocals
John Kahn - electric bass
Martin Fierro - flute
Guest Musicians
Vassar Clements (complete show) - fiddle
Geoff Muldaur (complete show) - vocals
David Grisman (complete show) - mandolin
E.W. Wainwright (complete show) - drums

Complete Release
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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
That's All Right Jerry Garcia
Mystery Train Jerry Garcia
La-La Instrumental
Bolinas Brown Instrumental
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
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  • According to Keepers liner notes by Mike Lawson, the after-hours thing at Fantasy Studios happened after an Old & In the Way gig in Berkeley. That does not seem correct, at least not for this date. For the record, Earthquake and Stoneground were billed for Keystone this night, and OAITW was no longer a going concern.
  • Other players credited on Bolinas Brown include Joel Cohen - guitar, Billy Fender - rhythm guitar, Gaylord Birch - drums, Kenneth Nash - percussion. On La-La: Bill Vitt - drums (instead of EWW), Kenneth Nash - percussion and bongos.
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