1973-07-20 [Fri]

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Jerry Garcia - banjo, vocals
David Grisman - mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan - acoustic guitar, vocals
John Kahn - acoustic bass
Vassar Clements - fiddle
Also Appearing
Asleep at the Wheel
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  • Bob Schwartz, who attended the show the next night, reports "I was in SF at this time and I am pretty sure this show didn’t happen." He was from Florida, knew Vassar, and so has a lot of credibility. Correspondingly, we now list this show as uncertain. At the same time, on the 7/21/73 rehearsal, Vassar mentions doing a tune in G "last night". So maybe they practiced instead of playing live?
  • listing: San Francisco Chronicle, July 20, 1973, p. 50.
  • preview: “Jerry Garcia’s Bluegrass Group to Play at Keystone,” Oakland Times, July 17, 1973, p. unk
  • ad: Berkeley Barb, July 19-August 1, 1973, p. 21, listing band members and "special bluegrass fiddler from Nashville" Vassar Clements.
  • listing: Hayward Daily Review, July 20, 1973, p. 44, billing "surprise".
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  • Death of Bruce Lee, American actor and martial artist (b. 1940).
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