1972-10-09 [Mon]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar (lead), vocals
Bob Weir - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
Phil Lesh - electric bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux - keyboards
Bill Kreutzmann - drums, perc
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Guest Musicians
Grace Slick (partial show) - vocals

Average Song Gap
Set 1
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Promised Land Bob Weir 1 1
Deal Jerry Garcia 2 1
Beat It On Down The Line Bob Weir 1 1
Friend Of The Devil Jerry Garcia 4 1
Me And My Uncle Bob Weir 2 1
Tennessee Jed Jerry Garcia 1 1
Black Throated Wind Bob Weir 1 1
Loser Jerry Garcia 2 2
El Paso Bob Weir 1 1
Box Of Rain
  • Last known performance (by GD) 1970-09-17 (181 events ago)
  • Phil Lesh 181 6
    China Cat Sunflower > Jerry Garcia 1 1
    I Know You Rider Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia 1 1
    Mexicali Blues Bob Weir 1 1
    Sugaree Jerry Garcia 2 1
    Playing In The Band Bob Weir 1 1
    Set 2
    Gap Analysis
    Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
    Electricity Blues
  • Only known performance
  • with Grace Slick on vocals
  • Grace Slick first last
    He's Gone Jerry Garcia 1 3
    Big River Bob Weir 2 1
    Mississippi Half Step Jerry Garcia 1 1
    Greatest Story Ever Told Bob Weir 1 1
    Brokedown Palace Jerry Garcia 2 2
    Truckin' > Bob Weir 1 3
    The Other One > Bob Weir 2 3
    Wharf Rat Jerry Garcia 3 14
    Sugar Magnolia Bob Weir 1 1
    Casey Jones Jerry Garcia 1 1
    Gap Analysis
    Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
    Johnny B. Goode Bob Weir 1 1
    Road Crew Benefit
    Also Appearing
    New Riders of the Purple Sage
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  • "Grace came out at the start of the second set. The Dead played a short, blues jam to which she added impromptu lyrics - she appeared to be totally ripped. At the end of the tune, she staggered around the stage, rearranging everyone's mic stands until Bill Graham led her off. She reappeared briefly before Truckin and Graham again got her off to the side of the stage where she and he could be seen dancin to Truckin."
  • Review by John Wasserman, from the "On the Town" column, San Francisco Chronicle, 11 October 1972 via deadsources
  • Wasserman gives a very positive review, breaking out the big words to describe PITB. Four hour extravaganza, he only saw first half, things far from normal. Raised $10k for roadies to buy a house. "Into the hall, full but not jammed, where Graham associate Jerry Pompili smiled and cooed 'Don't drink anything that you haven't opened yourself.'"
  • listing: "Datebook," San Francisco Chronicle, October 9, 1972, p. 40;
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