1972-07-30 [Sun]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Vince Guaraldi - keyboards
Seward McCain - electric bass
Vince Denham - saxophone
Mike Clark - drums
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  • Placeholder date for summer 1972, probably multiple dates. The Pierce Street Annex seems to have been in the space formerly known as the Matrix, though I am a little confused on that.
  • lostlivedead: "Summer 1972: Pierce Street Annex, San Francisco: Vince Guaraldi/Jerry Garcia/Mike Clark" "In the Summer of 1972, Jerry Garcia played unbilled at a San Francisco fern bar called The Pierce Street Annex, in the Marina District. The other members of the band were pianist Vince Guaraldi, of "Peanuts" fame, drummer Mike Clark, later of the Headhunters, bassist Seward McCain, and tenor saxophonist Vince Denham." They apparenty played "unstructured electric jazz jamming" evocative of Miles Davis's Bitches Brew. Bassist Seward McCain: ""We had good crowds; Vince and Jerry together really were a draw. And it was the loudest band I've ever played in. Vince straddled his Fender Rhodes across the tops of two 5-foot 300 watt amplifiers, which faced out diagonally to the audience, on their sides. So he had 600 watts of power blasting out toward the front. Jerry came with an arsenal of amps, and Mike played as strong as any drummer ever did; he was as loud and powerful as Billy Cobham. I was there with an electric bass and one bass amp, it was bare survival for me, to keep up with that volume level. It was unbelievably loud."
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