1972-01-29 [Sat]

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Howard Wales - keyboards
Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Roger "Jellyroll" Troy - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Love - drums
Jim Vincent - electric guitar
Also Appearing
Mahavishnu Orchestra
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  • psilo ticket stub entry says "Scheduled at last minute & no time to print proper tickets." NB that Parish HBD p. 85 says the tour started in Buffalo, but this is wrong. The Kraus review says the show was broadcast on WPHD-FM in Buffalo! There are tons of great pictures at GDAO attributed to Phil Simon, though the images seem to say copyright is held by Gordon-James Image Makers 1972. In association with SUNY Buffalo, but not on campus.
  • announce: "McGrath, Garcia Appearing in UB-Backed Shows," Buffalo News, January 24, 1972, p. IV-35
  • preview: "McLaughlin to head upcoming show," Spectrum, January 28, 1972, p. 13
  • ads: Spectrum, January 28, 1972, p. 14; Buffalo Evening News, January 28. 1972, p. 8. The latter puts Garcia's name several times larger than Wales's, and furthermore misspells the actual headliner as "Walos". Priorities.
  • ref: Parish 2003, p. 85
  • reviews: [positive] Kraus 1972; [negative] Salant 1972
  • JGMF: HWJG: Quick Questions on the January '72 East Coast Tour
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    9:00 PM
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