1971-12-09 [Thu] private

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Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar, guitar
Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
John Dawson - guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
DeWitt Scott (?) - pedal steel guitar
unidentified-19711209-01 - guitar
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  • "Scotty's Jam". This has traveled as many, many different dates --5/14/70, 7/2/71 soundcheck, 12/7/71, 12/10/71, 10/??/72-- and places --Jetty's, Scottie's-- but this seems right.
  • JGMF: "Scotty's Jam" "Jerry plays a Zane Beck D-10 pedal steel and also Lloyd Green's old double neck Sho Bud with the yellow streak on the front owned by Scotty, a flat top guitar[6] and a brand new 1972 Micro Frets Spacetone guitar."
  • Mislabeled As