1971-09-15 [Wed]

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John Dawson - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
David Nelson - electric guitar (lead), vocals
David Torbert - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Also Appearing
John McLaughlin
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  • ad: Village Voice, September 2, 1971, p. 32
  • mention: Billboard, Vol. 83, No. 37 (September 11, 1971), p. 22
  • JGMF: JGMS 19710920 Inn of the Beginning, Cotati, CA
  • JGMF: NRPS 9/15/71 in NYC?. Crazy that there are no memories of this one floating around. It sees to have been a CBS showcase event, as the NRPS record would just be hitting the shelves, and John McLaughlin was also playing for Clive. But it wasn't *just* industry folks, since the room would hold a few thousand and it was advertised. Anyway, here we are.
  • Historical
  • The first Greenpeace ship departs from Vancouver to protest against the upcoming Cannikin nuclear weapon test in Alaska.
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