1971-09-03 [Fri] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
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Also Appearing
New Riders of the Purple Sage, Howard Wales, and Shades of Joy
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  • JGMF: GD19710903-4: Harding Theater, SF, CA
  • Benefit for Head Start of Marin County. Note Wales co-billing, possible this was Howard's tryout for the GD keyboard slot? Note also Shades of Joy with Martin Fierro. As of 12/15/2015 LIA is skeptical that these took place, urges tagging as CXL. NB: I have JGMS at the Lion's Share September 2-4, 1971 from a listing in Night Times, September 1, 1971, p. 7. The Dead at Harding thing comes from an ad in Berkeley Tribe v.6 n.4 (issue #110) (September 3-9, 1971), p. 13. Even though the Tribe was published later, I think Ross might say that these ads were likely in before the listing at Night Times would have been received. On those grounds, you may be right that the Harding gigs were canceled, or just became a sort of closed Howard Wales tryout. I can't list it as canceled yet, I don't think. 6/7/2020: I am listing it as CXL.
  • ad: Berkeley Tribe v.6 n.4 (issue #110) (September 3-9, 1971), p. 13;
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    9:00 PM
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