1971-05-28 [Fri] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
John Dawson
David Nelson
Spencer Dryden
David Torbert
Cancel Reason
Garcia illness
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  • The 28th was canceled because Garcia was sick. There are a few guys who are 100% sure that the acid punch show was this Friday night, and when confronted with rock-solid contemporary and convergent evidence, from multiple streams, that 1) the Friday 28th show was canceled and 2) the acid punch show was Saturday 29th, basically reply "fake news". Anyway, that this was canceled is clear from listing in the San Francisco Examiner the next day and from the daybook of Gary Jackson, who was running Winterland shows for Wolfgang at this time. Note, too, that the NRPS played another Peninsula School gig 5/28, w/o Jerry, per the Cryptical Developments blog. DO NOT believe the people who say that the GD and NRPS played Friday night. They did not.
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