1971-03-05 [Fri] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
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  • JGMF: Canceled Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Gigs "Jeffrey N. Gordon and Charles E. Johnston 2d of the· class of '71 say, however, that their dance, scheduled for the New Haven arena on March 5 with ·the Grateful Dead, will be a nonprofit undertaking. · The ·details tend to get complicated, but essentially the Grateful Dead have been booked for two nights. ·The first will be a public performance at $5 a head, which will allow the sponsors to sell student tickets for the second night at $2 each. (The prom cost $15 a couple and included a steak dinner.) In effect, the student entrepreneurs are sharing their profits with the Yale community in the form of reduced tickets." cxl. LIA: "A little more research into the planned 3/5/71 Yale show indicates that it was still scheduled as of mid-January '71; and it's always mentioned in connection with the abandoned prom. I don't know whether the band or the university pulled out, or whether the July Yale Bowl show was scheduled as a replacement show - presumably some spring '71 article yet to be found will tell more."
  • ref: Thomas 1970;