1971-01-24 [Sun]

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John Dawson - electric guitar (rhythm), vocals
David Nelson - electric guitar (lead), vocals
David Torbert - electric bass, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Cecilia John Dawson 6 4
Portland Woman John Dawson 2 1
Dirty Business John Dawson 5 4
Henry John Dawson 2 1
Truck Drivin' Man John Dawson 11 2
Last Lonely Eagle John Dawson 4 1
Honky Tonk Women John Dawson 1 1
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead and Ian & Sylvia
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  • We used to be unclear as to whether NRPS played this night, but they clearly did. Setlist from Thomas review linked at Deadsources. We figure that the tune identified as "I Promised You" is actually Cecilia, and that the Riders did "Last Lonely Eagle", which was placed in the Ian and Sylvia set by the reviewer. Room was half-full.
  • ad: Seattle Times, December 20, 1970, p. E1
  • preview: "Grateful Dead Sunday Show," Seattle Times, January 21, 1971, p. D2
  • review by Cathy Thomas, from the Everett Herald, January 26 1971 via deadsources
  • JGMF: NRPS, January 1971
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