1971-01-05 [Tue]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Merl Saunders - keyboards
John Kahn - electric bass
Bill Vitt - drums
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  • Elwood mentions tunes "Something" and "A Good Man Is Hard To Find". We attach them to the January 6th show, pretty much arbitrarily, though the mention of the second show in John Wasserman's listings at the rival Chronicle somehow informed this choice.
  • listing: San Francisco Examiner, January 5, 1971, p. 24
  • expost: [uncertain which show] Philip Elwood, "Dead Leader Who is Very Much Alive," San Francisco Examiner, January 11, 1971, p. 25
  • JGMF: New-to-The-List from the Examiner, 1970-1972
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