1970-11-20 [Fri]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
David Torbert - electric bass
David Nelson - electric guitar
Guest Musicians
Ron McKernan (complete show) - harmonica

Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line John Dawson 23 15
Fair Chance To Know John Dawson 3 5
Portland Woman John Dawson 3 4
Lodi John Dawson 5 5
The Weight
  • final song
  • John Dawson 5 2
    Also Appearing
    Grateful Dead
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  • The songs come from the show review posted chez LIA. We imagine "I Walk The Line" as "Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line" and "Why Oh Why" was "Fair Chance To Know". The review mentions Pigpen on harmonica with the New Riders, which would be cool - we can't think of many examples of this offhand.
  • deadsources: November 20, 1970: Palestra, University of Rochester, NY
  • Historical
  • The Miss World 1970 beauty pageant, hosted by Bob Hope at the Royal Albert Hall, London is disrupted by Women's Liberation protesters. Earlier on the same evening a bomb is placed under a BBC outside broadcast vehicle by The Angry Brigade, in protest at the entry of separate black and white contestants by South Africa.
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