1970-10-23 [Fri]

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John Dawson - acoustic guitar, vocals
Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Mickey Hart - drums
David Torbert - electric bass
David Nelson - electric guitar
Average Song Gap
Gap Analysis
Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
Six Days On the Road John Dawson 5 1
I Don't Know You John Dawson 3 2
Henry John Dawson 2 1
Portland Woman John Dawson 3 1
Glendale Train John Dawson 2 1
Dirty Business John Dawson 1 1
Lodi John Dawson 3 4
Last Lonely Eagle John Dawson 2 2
Honky Tonk Women John Dawson 1 1
Also Appearing
Grateful Dead
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  • Rohter 1970 via Deadsources "instead of being left at McDonough Gymnasium, they were dropped off at the main gate ... resultant walk around the campus". "The Grateful Dead show consists not only of the Dead themselves, but also of their subgroup the New Riders. The New Riders contain some members of the Dead (Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart), but also include three other musicians. Unlike the Dead whose speciality is good old rock and roll, the New Riders of the Purple Sage are a country and western group. Unfortunately, the Riders were not at their best on Friday night, and their set at times was dull and lifeless. They started off well, with "Six Days on the Road," but after that there was a long period during which they went downhill. During this time, the much vaunted Grateful Dead sound system did not seem to be working, and the rapport with the crowd that is a Grateful Dead trademark was notably lacking, perhaps because the house lights were shining brightly and drawing the attention of the audience away from the band. Nevertheless, things began to cook again when the Riders started "Lodi," a number originally recorded by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Their next selection was equally good. Entitled "Take a Long Sad Look at the Last Lonely Eagle," it featured beautiful country harmony and some fine pedal steel guitar played by Jerry Garcia. Their versatility, however, was illustrated by their last section, which was a rock classic done in the country style. "Honky-tonk Women" really moved, and again it was Jerry Garcia who provided the spark that got the group going. His pedal steel guitar was consistently excellent all evening, and it provided one of the few highlights of what was a generally disappointing set".
  • Oversold, 4,000 capac 6,000 present in 11/5/70 article. Overall complaints Hluchan 1970: "great amount of traffic in the Georgetown area, fire hazards in McDonough gym, violation of drug laws by concert-goers, and even complaints from trans-Potomac residents of Virginia concerning the outdoor speakers through which those who could not be admitted for the Grateful Dead concert listened outdoors."
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  • preview: "Manhattan, Dead at Homecoming '70," Hoya (Georgetown University), October 22, 1970, p. unk, via Deadsources
  • expost: "University Suspends Concerts Indefinitely," Hoya (Georgetown University), November 5, 1970, p. unk, via Deadsources
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  • Rowland Teape-Davis, "Seven Thousand Cram Mcdonough for Dead" from the Spur, late October 1970, via deadsources
  • FM broadcast WABX
  • Historical
  • Gary Gabelich sets a land speed record in a rocket-powered automobile called the Blue Flame, fueled with natural gas.
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