1970-10-19 [Mon]

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
Merl Saunders - keyboards
John Kahn - electric bass
Bill Vitt - drums
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  • Garcia's participation at the event is predicated on the theory that he flew back from the GD East Coast tour in the break between Oct 18 (Minneapolis) and Oct 23 (DC) to play this gig, and the one with Merl at the Matrix on 1970-10-21
  • The Chronicle datebook box from October 19th (p. 44) showed "Merle [sic] Saunders Trio" at El Matador and "Jerry Garcial [sic], Merle [sic] Saunders and Friends" at the Matrix. See JGMF, Merl Saunders, October 19, 1970
  • ad: Good Times v.3 n.41 (October 16, 1970), p. 20
  • listing: San Francisco Examiner, October 19, 1970, p. 28
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