1970-07-13 [Mon] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
Mickey Hart
Cancel Reason
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John Hammond
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  • Brandon Smith: "The Dead were booked to play July 13, 1970 at Harvard Stadium in Allston, MA as part of the Schaefer Music Festival with John Hammond. [A pamphlet] identifies the lineup for the entire series sponsored by Schaefer Beer that summer (notice that the August 12th date was Janis Joplin’s last show before she died). A 7/10/70 article said the Dead had cancelled on that Wednesday (7/8/70) with no explanation, and were replaced with the Chambers Brothers (known for their hit “Time Has Come Today”). Thanks to Brandon and Corry for forwarding info.
  • gratefulseconds: Harvard Just Won't Admit the Grateful Dead, Despite Herculean Efforts by the Students in 1970 AND 1984
  • exante: Galeota 1970.