1970-07-00 [Wed] studio broadcast

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This is a "placeholder" date for this event. The actual date of the event is not known.
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Jerry Garcia - pedal steel guitar
Bob Weir - acoutic guitar, vocals
John Cipollina - electric guitar
Pete Sears - piano
Mario Cipollina - electric bass
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Name Notes Lead Vocals Last Next
The Race Is On last
Silver Threads And Golden Needles last
Let Me In last
Dark Hollow Bob Weir last
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  • Placeholder date, often labeled July 1970, Pacific High Recording. We used to list this as 8/2/70 for reasons unclear - perhaps recordings circulated so labeled?
  • lostlivedead: . Pete Sears (presumably) is quoted in comments: "John, his brother Mario and I later went down to KSAN DJ Richard Gossette’s show when the FM radio station was on Sutter St. in San Francisco. We met up with Bob & Jerry and broadcast live from the KSAN radio stations Record library ... all very casual. Truly live in the air. I played the old upright piano in the corner."
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