1970-01-20 [Tue] studio

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Jerry Garcia - electric guitar
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Love Scene Improvisation
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  • On 2/11/70, Garcia described the love scene in Zabriskie Point as "a whole lot of people balling in Death Valley." Continuing: "I went to LA, to MGM, and spoke to [director Michelangelo Antonioni] and he showed me the rough cut, and I immediately went down to the studio, brought my guitar and amplifier, and in about two hours, you know, it was like what he wanted. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it was what he wanted. ... I would have preferred to have taken a week or so to really study it and really determine the time of events and certain, like, key cuts and that sort of thing, so as to comp to something a lot more specifically, but he liked the sort of randomness. I would have gone about it in a more methodical way, had I more time." Later that year (12/27/70) he said he didn’t like the performance. Blair Jackson's cutting room floor (from his great 1999 biography Garcia: An American Life) provides more good flavor, including that Mountain Girl was waiting for the $11,000 check from this session to put money down on a house, and its disappearance was a major domino to fall in the discovery of Lenny Hart's embezzlement.
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