1969-12-06 [Sat] canceled

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Jerry Garcia
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Ron McKernan
Mickey Hart
Tom Constanten
Cancel Reason
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The Flock and Humble Pie
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  • LIA quotes McNally at JGMF: "The Dead still had a show to do that night, at Fillmore West... Kreutzmann arose and announced that he wasn't playing... 'If Billy's not playing, neither am I,' added Mickey. Poor McIntire was left to...tell Graham's manager, Paul Barratta, that the Dead were a no-show. Frantic, Barratta offered the audience free tickets to other shows" (McNally 2002, 348). It's not mentioned whether the other bands on the bill still played. Scully tells a different story in Living With The Dead, but concurs that the Dead were still booked at the Fillmore West: "We go there thinking we are actually going to play, but everybody heard we were going to be at Altamont so nobody shows up" (Scully 1996/2001, 184).
  • Historical
  • College Football #1 Texas beats #2 Arkansas 15-14 in the then Game of the Century. Texas would remain #1 for the rest of the season and were the AP 1969 National Champions following their Cotton Bowl win.